Want to get hands on with oil paintings?

​This course is designed for all levels, beginners or as a refresher for current painters

What you will learn:

hands-on, techniques-based course
the essential techniques of painting in a logical and simple way
you will also be taught about paint-handling, surface, grounds, textures, brushwork, colour theory and mixing.

Due to the nature of our courses and facilities we request students contact us with 5 working days lead time prior to enrolment should you have any special requirements, either accessibility or otherwise that we can assist with.

Course code
On campus
  • Fees

    Fee: $400.00


  • What to bring
    • Notebook and pencil (3B)
    • A3 pad of canvas paper
    • Oil Paints: Vine Black, Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Bright Yellow, Bright Red, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre
    • Low odour painting solvent (e.g. Gamsol)
    • Palette knife (pointed, in either steel or plastic)
    • Palette, e.g. glass, plywood or plastic – flat, without ridges or indents
    • Brushes: assortment of flat and round, bristle and/or synthetic soft-hair brushes of various sizes from fine to large, in good condition
    • Refined linseed oil (at least 250ml, for brush cleaning)
    • 2 x glass jars with lids
    • Apron/protective clothing and enclosed footwear/disposable gloves