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The Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) gives you the right to request information and access documents about your personal affairs and the activities of Chisholm Institute (the Institute). You can also request that the Institute amend or remove incorrect or misleading information it holds about you.

The FOI website contains further information to help you access government documents. 

FOI and Chisholm Institute (the Institute)

The Institute is a prescribed authority (or ‘agency’) under the FOI Act. Accordingly, it is required to comply with the procedures that have been prescribed by which members of the public may gain access to information held by agencies. A decision to release information is made by an authorised officer. 

The Institute is committed to administering the FOI Act in a fair, objective and unbiased manner with a view to ensuring that the spirit of the FOI Act is upheld. 

Under the FOI Act, there are exemptions that may apply to a request received by the Institute, including but not limited to documents affecting personal privacy or trade secrets and business.

A person does not have the right to obtain under the FOI Act publications which are sold by the Institute, documents which are held by the Public Record Office of Victoria or documents that are readily available to the public. 

Making an FOI request

An FOI request must be in writing and sent to:

FOI Officer
Chisholm Institute
121 Stud Road
Dandenong Victoria 3175

Applications must be as detailed as possible to assist the FOI Officer to identify and locate the relevant documents. All applications must include the statutory lodgement fee of $29.60 (as of 1 July, 2017). Payments by cheque or money order should be made out to Chisholm Institute. 

Charges for access to documents will be in accordance with the Freedom of Information (Access Charges) Regulations 2014. The charges will cover time spent searching for documents and the cost of providing access. 

All Freedom of Information enquiries can be made to the FOI Officer on