Chisholm Institute and its entities are committed to child safety in accordance with the Child Safe Standards, which are the compulsory minimum standards for all organisations in Victoria that provide  services to children under the age of 18 years

Chisholm has zero tolerance for child abuse and all forms of harm to children.

Chisholm is committed to: 

  • the safety, participation and empowerment of all students, including children 
  • the establishment and continuous improvement of Child Safe policies and procedures
  • taking all reasonable steps for thorough recruitment due diligence, including the requirement for prospective staff members to provide the Institute with a pre-employment Working With Children Checks and where relevant National Police Check 
  • regularly training and educating our staff members, contractors and volunteers on child abuse risks
  • preventing child abuse by identifying risks early, and removing and reducing these risks
  • observing reporting requirements and disciplinary procedures
  • the timely reporting of concerns about a child’s safety to relevant authorities
  • promoting the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of students, including children, from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • ensuring that students with a disability, including children, are safe and can participate equally and align to Chisholm’s Disability Action Plan 2016-2018
  • the modelling of Child Safe Standards by the Chisholm Executive, Leadership Group, managers, educators and staff.

Chisholm seeks to ensure clear, fair and transparent processes in responding to, and the reporting of, actual or suspected child abuse.  This includes the establishment of: 

  • a procedure for the reporting of child abuse
  • Child Safety Reporting Officers within Chisholm
  • a Child Safe Risk Register to provide a framework for assessing and minimising risks to children
  • a Chisholm risk management systems to incorporate child safety specific controls in order to mitigate risk associated with potential child abuse.

Visit the Department of Justice to view the Child Safe Policy.