At Chisholm, we offer an extensive range of apprenticeships and traineeships across various industries. Our delivery responds to the increasing demand for a qualified and skilled workforce.

We have over 20 years’ experience in apprenticeship and traineeship course delivery, and work closely with industry, community and government to develop programs that meet workplace needs.

Benefits of an apprenticeship or traineeship

Apprenticeships and traineeships are a great way to get a head start in your chosen career. As an apprentice or trainee, you combine practical work experience with formal qualifications, giving you the opportunity to earn an income while you learn.

You also have the flexibility to study full-time or part-time, or you can undertake a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship.

The qualification you receive at the end of your apprenticeship or traineeship is nationally recognised, giving you the option to travel and work around Australia!

How to become an apprentice or trainee

Steps to become an apprentice or trainee:

  1. Research different trade industries
  2. Decide on the industry you want to work in
  3. Prepare your resume
  4. Find an employer and commence paid employment
  5. Arrange a training contract with an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN)
  6. Enrol at Chisholm or at an alternative RTO
  7. Complete a training plan
  8. Commence training.

As an apprentice or trainee, am I eligible for financial assistance?

As an Australian apprentice or trainee you may be eligible for financial assistance from the Australian Government to help with the costs of undertaking an apprenticeship. 

Incentives currently offered: 

For further information on the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives System, including information on eligibility, visit the Australian Apprenticeships website or contact an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider

If you’re an Employer and would to determine what financial assistance may be offered, please visit our industry page for Apprentice and Trainee Training 

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships combine paid, practical industry learning with a nationally recognised qualification with a registered training organisation (RTO), like Chisholm.

An apprenticeship is usually full-time but can be part-time.

Depending on the industry, your apprenticeship may take between three and six years to complete.

As an apprentice you’ll be paid while you undertake your apprenticeship, including time spent at TAFE.

View our apprenticeship courses

What is a traineeship?

Traineeships combine paid, practical workplace employment under supervision and a nationally recognised qualification with an RTO. A traineeship can be full-time or part-time.

Depending on the industry, your traineeship may take between one and two years to complete. As a trainee, you’ll be paid while you undertake your traineeship.

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What is a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship?

As a Year 10, 11 or 12 student, you can undertake a school based apprenticeship or traineeship (sbat), allowing you to combine paid work, training and school.

In some cases, an SBAT may also count towards your ATAR.

If you're interested in undertaking a school based apprenticeship or traineeship, talk to your school or contact our Schools Liaison Unit on 1300 244 746.

Pre-Apprenticeship Courses

A pre-apprenticeship is usually a certificate II level course that introduces you to a trade provides you with a realistic taste of working in that industry while learning basic skills and knowledge to begin an apprenticeship.

Reasons to undertake a pre-apprenticeship with us:

  • Employers often prefer to take on apprentices with pre-apprenticeship qualifications
  • Access to Government funding for eligible students
  • Experience a trade before pursuing an apprenticeship
  • Commit just six months or less for most pre-apprenticeship courses
  • Learning from industry experts
  • Learn in state-of-the-art facilities utilising current equipment
  • Meeting great people and forming new connections that could help you get an apprenticeship.

We currently offer pre-apprenticeships in automotive, beauty, building, electrical, plumbing, cabinet making, engineering, hairdressing and horticulture.

To apply for a pre-apprenticeship:

  • Certificate II pre-apprenticeships - Apply directly from the course page on the Chisholm website or call 1300 244 746.
  • Certificate II pre-apprenticeships VETDSS - Apply through your school.

Chisholm Pre-Apprenticeship Courses

Finding the right apprenticeship or traineeship for you

There are many resources and support networks available to assist you in finding the right apprenticeship or traineeship for you:

  • Attend one of our online information sessions or a Chisholm Open Day to talk to our Trades department
  • Chisholm Skills and Job Centre
  • Group training organisation
  • Word of mouth – speak to other people you know who are already in a Trades occupation.
  • Family, friends, and teachers
  • Do some research via social media, local papers, or speak to local businesses in the sector.
  • Review employment opportunities via employment sites and local recruitment agencies
  • Seek out a part time job within the industry to build connections
  • Traineeships - call 1300 244 746 and speak to a course advisor.
  • Apprenticeships - call the Apprenticeship Hub on 1300 244 746 and speak to an Apprenticeship Hub advisor, to discuss the steps you need to take to become an apprentice.


If you are an employer wishing to engage an Apprentice or Trainee, please visit our Industry Apprenticeship and Traineeship training page.