Short Course on Robot Workstation Design, Simulation and Programming: Level 2

Robots are now integral part of industries which is implemented for range of applications includes assembly, painting, welding and machining etc. This short course is designed to provide participants with an intermediate knowledge and skills of practices involved in creating efficient and effective robot workstations for simple to complex industrial operations in both collaborative and non-collaborative human-robot work environment. In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, automation and robotics play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and efficiency. This specialized course is tailored for Industry professionals as well as career enthusiast to gain expertise needed to excel in designing, simulating, and programming robot workstations at the highest level of sophistication, providing their organizations with a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving world of industrial automation.


- Create a virtual workstation with multiple equipment and Robot using RobotStudio
- Create and modify complex rapid program using RobotStudio
- Input Output setting for tools and other workspace equipment in RobotStudio
- Robot workstation design and programming using RoboDK
- Advanced path generation and importation in RoboDK
- Interfacing and offline programming UR robot using RoboDK

Learning Outcome:
1.Design and Setup Manufacturing workstation for diverse manufacturing and assembly operations using both Collaborative Robot (Cobot) and non-collaborative Robot (Industrial Robot)
2.Setup Input/ Outputs to interface robot with additional tools and sensors.
3.Program collaborative Robot (Cobot) using robot simulation tool for complex manufacturing operations.
4.Interface and Testing Collaborative Robot (Cobot) in a digital twin setup.

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