Our Professional Educator College builds educational excellence through quality educational programs and practices that meet student and industry needs.

We focus on achieving sustainable change in educator practice by providing real and sustainable capability-building strategies across the vocational education and training workforce. This has been achieved through the implementation of the Educator Passport and the Professional Educator Framework.

We provide a comprehensive solution that includes systems for capturing and monitoring teacher currency (both vocational and professional) and additional training in the essential skills and knowledge required to be outstanding educators.

Our education facilities

Modern early childhood education and education support facilities at our Frankton campus feature specialised training and simulation laboratories, tailored teaching environments and great amenities that provide an enriched learning environment for our students and industry partners.

Education market overview

Education and training is a large employing industry, with around 8.3 per cent of Australian workers belonging to this sector.  Employment opportunities in education and training are projected to grow by 149,600 (or 13.4%) over the five years from November 2021 to November 2026.

It makes up-to-date training critical to the success of this industry growth.


Types of training available

We work with you to tailor training for your team or organisation which can include:

  • skill sets
  • industry short courses
  • customised accredited courses.

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