Case Study

Ramsay Health’s Undergraduate Cadetship Program a win for Chisholm nursing students.

Ramsay Health Care and Chisholm have collaborated in an innovative solution to support enrolled and registered nursing and midwifery cadets during their undergraduate studies with valuable hands-on clinical experience, guidance and supervision, along with the opportunity to be employed in a Ramsay facility.


Ramsay Health

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Ramsay Health Care is a global private healthcare company that operates hundreds of healthcare facilities and services in ten countries. n Australia, they have over 70 facilities. Ramsay and Chisholm have been partners for many years, with Chisholm nursing and allied health students completing practical placement components of their courses at various Ramsay facilities. Ramsay has also hired Chisholm’s modern training facilities to undertake training for their teams during the covid pandemic.

The challenge

In 2022, the COVID-19 pandemic strained Australia’s healthcare system. The nursing industry was in jeopardy with nurses resigning and leaving the industry. Ramsay wanted to take proactive measures to ensure they had an ongoing pool of talent available to work within their nursing units.

National Manager Nursing Midwifery Workforce, Rachel Gale said, “Ramsay wanted to invest in the future nursing workforce through the Cadetship Program and provide career development opportunities. Nurses need support from the infancy of their careers, right through to achieving advanced practice; and we can provide this.”

Manager Allied Health and Nursing at Chisholm, Chad Eduati, said, “Ramsay knew they needed to invest in a future workforce to be able to service their patients and continue to grow.”

The solution

Hannah Chilton, National Coordinator Nursing and Midwifery Workforce and Rachel reached out to Chisholm to discuss ideas they had to grow their pipeline of nurses. Together with the Chisholm team they brainstormed various solutions.

Hannah said, “Ramsay wanted to support students from the beginning of their careers during clinical placements which allows students to develop their career within a supportive workplace with educators and nurses that are invested in their future.”

They decided to create an undergraduate cadetship program which enabled Ramsay to support students to develop experience in their field. Ramsay can grow their workforce in parallel to trialling future job candidates, with cadets placed in roles in operating suites, maternity, mental health, cardiac services and rehabilitation. The cadetship provided a unique opportunity for students to complete their clinical hours of placement solely with Ramsay, within the south east of Melbourne.

This innovative program supports future nurses by giving them an opportunity to be trained by experts, while immersing themselves in Ramsay’s workplace culture.

Chad explained, “Our inaugural group of cadets were welcomed into Ramsay with a morning tea. They were provided with a special uniform that distinguishes who they are, so the Ramsay practitioners know who they are working with.”

The cadets are guaranteed an interview for Ramsay’s graduate pathway program or an enrolled nurse position when they finish their studies.

In contrast, the traditional nursing placements would see students with multiple employers across metro Melbourne and regional Victoria. Students would then have to apply for employment directly with the healthcare provider, post qualifications being obtained.

The process to enter the cadetship was by invitation, extended to a limited number of nurses enrolled in the Diploma of Nursing program.


The inaugural undergraduate cadetship intake has seen 16 students enter into the program.

“I applied for the Ramsay cadetship because Ramsay have amazing opportunities once you have finished your studies. It’s fantastic to work and gain more skills in the area you are interested in, and Ramsay have great support within their culture. I feel the way they take care of their staff aligns with what I see for myself in the future.” Amy Hesz, Chisholm student and nursing cadet said.

The second intake also had another 16 students enter the cadetship.

Given the success, Ramsay are now looking at how they can grow the partnership further with Chisholm.

Chad noted, “We are investigating Ramsay’s clinical staff obtaining their Training and Education qualifications to supply professional development to our already highly skilled nursing teaching team. The breadth and diversity of Ramsay’s nursing care is second to none and we want to keep our teachers at the cutting edge of nursing.”

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