Applying to study in Australia made easy

Students throughout the world are increasingly realising the benefits of using an education agent. An education agent will help you find the right training provider, complete the application process, and assist with the logistics of preparing you to leave and ultimately, assist you to arrive safely in your chosen study destination.

Chisholm values its agents as long-term partners and has a professional selection process which involves:

Becoming a registered Chisholm agent

To apply to become a registered Chisholm education agent, we have a formal application process. You will need to:

  1. complete the agent application form (word version) 
  2. provide the contact details of three referees from the education industry
  3. provide proof of business registration.

All of the above information must be in English or translated into English from a notary office in your country.

Please send the certified or verified copies only as the original documents cannot be returned.