An award-winning Institute

Chisholm’s recent award wins acknowledge our work overseas.

Read more about the awards Chisholm received from Study Melbourne and World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics in the media releases below:

Our reach is global

Chisholm's expertise as a large successful vocational training provider is sought after by governments, educational institutes and businesses worldwide. Our tailored collaborative training models and consultancies have been undertaken in Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands and the Middle East. 

These collaborations have focussed on building the capabilities of leaders and future leaders, have developed trainees' skills and knowledge across selected technical areas, and contributed to reform initiatives in these regions. 

A proud contributor to the development of the vocational education and training sectors in many countries, Chisholm offers the following key attributes: 

  • an award-winning government-owned training institute 
  • demonstrated commitment to support economic prosperity through delivering quality vocational training supporting 
  • highly valued business partnerships 
  • delivery of valued training outcomes across wide range of industry sectors.