Robot Operation and Programming (Level 1)

The Robot Operation and Programming course is a fundamental training program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to work effectively with industrial robots. This course covers a wide range of topics essential for individuals looking to excel in the field of robotics, including robot programming, operation, safety features, workstation safety, and configuring robot I/Os. As a beginner in the field of robotics, this course provides valuable insights and practical experience to enhance your robotics expertise. Participants will be well-prepared to work with industrial robots, contribute to automation projects, and ensure the safe and efficient operation of robotic systems in diverse industrial settings.

Course Content:

1.Robot system overview, system safety and operational safety.
2.Robot operational workstation setup. Operator panel, plex pendant overview.
3.Operation of Industrial robot (ABB Robot) using teach pendant, basic jogging,
4.Coordinate system setup, tool data TCP and work frame setup.
5.Creating and editing basic program using teach pendant.
6.I/O configuration using operator panel to control gripper and rapid programming for basic pick/place, spraying or welding operation.
7.Use of different rapid instruction to create working procedures.

Course outcomes:

- Operate and program industrial robots for manufacturing operation which includes ABB and UR robot.
- Interface robot with different industrial components and sensors.
- Operate industrial robots according to ANSI/RIA safety standards.

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    Available sessions and enrol online
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    Dandenong 09/11/2024 16/11/2024 Sat 09:30 AM - 04:00 PM 2 $900 12