Below provides data on students that commenced studies at Chisholm Higher Education College in 2022, including students admitted throughout the year and international students.

 Applicant background  Number of students  Percentage of all students
 (A) Past higher education study (including a bridging or enabling course)  37  29
 (B) Past vocational education and raining (VET) study  48  38
 (C) Work and life experience (admitted on the basis of previous achievement not in the other three characters  8  6
 (D) Recent secondary education    
 (i) admitted solely on the basis of ATAR  N/A N/A 
 (ii) admitted where both ATAR and additional criteria were considered  N/A N/A
 (iii) admitted on the basis of other criteria only and ATAR was not a factor  < 5  
 International students  31  25
Total number of HEC students  126  100