Learn skills to prepare you for the workforce

If you’d like to work in the police force, defence force, protective services or nursing sectors, this course is for you. You’ll learn how to prepare for selection examinations by refining your literacy, writing, reasoning, problem solving and mathematical skills.

Police force, defence force and nursing classes are held as flexible delivery options in the day and/or evening. For flexible classes you can access relevant units and may work independently in the Individual Learning Centre (for up to 20 hours within a set timetable) and/or from home at any time. Help from teaching staff on campus is available at the Individual Learning Centre.

Recommended: Minimum Year 10 level to meet the literacy and numeracy requirements of the course.

On completion you’ll gain a Certificate of Attendance and have the skills you need to successfully complete the selection examination.
The Victoria Police Education Entrance examination (PL00001) is offered on a Saturday each month alternatively at Dandenong and Frankston. The defence forces and nursing entrance examinations are offered on a Monday of each month at Dandenong and Frankston. Enrolments for all examinations can be organised through vetassess.com.au.

The first session includes orientation.

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