Build skills for 3D modelling design

This is an opportunity for creatives to build their skills to enter the world of 3D modelling design. Applicable for the gaming, movie, and 3D printing environment.

ZBrush® is a digital sculpting tool used by artists to create digital paintings and highly detailed digital sculptures. The models and textures created within ZBrush® can be exported to a variety of applications for use in the film industry, game industry, or 3D rapid prototype sculpting.

This foundation course is aimed at using ZBrush® to enhance texture and detail with 3D models and assets. Students will receive a Wacom tablet, explore and develop skills with the tools, and learn creative workflows.

• Learning to configure the ZBrush interface
• Brushes and their respective configuration and specific usage
• Acquiring tools, projects, brushes from lightbox
• Dynamesh/Zremesher/Divide process and its advantages
• Polygroup/polygroup tools and their implications
• Zpheres/mannequin models and development of armatures
• Zmodeler/Dynamic subdivision breakdown and its potential
• Learning Nanomesh/Arraymesh and their implications on design
• Decimation of models
• Shadowbox
• Assigning material/colour
• Principles of Design

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