If you have a business idea, or dream about being your own boss, but don't know where to start then Exploring Being My Own Boss is a great next step. The workshops are FREE, to eligible applicants, and are funded by the Commonwealth Government.
The workshops do not require you to set up your own business but will provide you with an understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur and helps you to determine if starting a small business is right for you.
With access to practical information that you will need to start your own business, and opportunities to discuss your ideas with others, the program will provide you with the ability to evaluate your business ideas further and determine if self-employment should be the next big step in your career.
A 10 day workshop series is delivered over a four week period. Workshops will be delivered via ZOOM
Classes run from 9.30-3pm, two to three days per week. Classes are usually held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.
31-Jan-22 - 25-Feb-22
14-Mar-22 - 8-Apr-22
25-Apr-21 - 20-May-22
Half hour lunch.

Course code
Delivery location
  • What to bring
    Students will be sent an email and text with link to ZOOM meeting
    Requirements for ZOOM Learning:
    1. Computer or laptop
    2. Internet access
    3. You will need access to your emails to accept the meeting invitation
    4. You will need access to your emails on the day of the training to click on this link to join the meeting
    5. Optional: earbuds or headset.