Free TAFE courses in key study areas gives more Victorians the chance to study at TAFE

Free TAFE covers the tuition fees of priority courses for eligible students.

The priority course list includes 32 non-apprenticeship courses and 10 courses that provide pathways to apprenticeships (also known as 'pre-apprenticeships'). At Chisholm, we are offering these Free TAFE courses on-campus and online.

Free TAFE courses at Chisholm lead to occupations in industries where there are likely to be more jobs. Some of them lead to work in important areas like preventing family violence, rolling out the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Victoria, and delivering our major infrastructure projects.

There may still be some costs, such as student services fees or materials fees, under Free TAFE. Free TAFE courses delivered via Chisholm Online are completely free, with no additional fees to pay.

Eligible students can access Free TAFE from 1 January, 2019.

Which Free TAFE courses are available at Chisholm?

At Chisholm, we are proud to offer 42 courses in the Free TAFE list.

Who is eligible for Free TAFE courses?

Any Australian citizen or permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen is eligible to do a Free TAFE course in Victoria if they meet one of the following criteria:

Under 20 or upskilling

  • are under 20 (regardless of any other qualifications), or
  • are 20 or older and enrolling in a course that is a higher qualification than you've previously attained.

Needing additional support

  • unemployed and clients of the Jobs Victoria Employment Network
  • retrenched workers, or
  • automotive supply chain workers.
  • Looking to change careers

Ineligible for a Free TAFE course?

You may eligible for a government-sponsored exemption. Call us on 1300 244 746 if you’d like to find out more.

Please be aware there are a limited number of exemptions available.

Apply now or find out more

Apply now to secure your place in a Free TAFE course for 2020.

For more information about Free TAFE courses at Chisholm, contact us on 1300 244 746 or complete the contact form.

View the Free TAFE for Priority Courses student Q and A.