As an overseas student on a student visa, you must study with an education provider and in a course that can be found on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

If you want to defer or suspend your studies, you must make this request in writing. Deferments or suspensions of study are only approved on the grounds of compassionate or compelling circumstances.

If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can ask for a deferment of the commencement of your studies by emailing

If you don’t comply with our Student Code of Conduct, you could be suspended or have your enrolment cancelled. You are not eligible for a refund if you are suspended or have your enrolment cancelled because you don’t comply with our Student Code of Conduct. Find out more about this in the Student Code of Conduct (QMS117).

Requesting a transfer to another institute

If you want to transfer to another provider before you complete the six months of your principal course, you must complete a Request for Release letter and attach the relevant documentation as indicated on the form. A request for release application will only be considered if unforeseen, exceptional circumstances create significant personal hardship. Please note that if your course is combined with other courses, your current course may not be the principal (meaning final) course of study. If you accepted a combined course that includes a course from a university partner, you are required to complete six months of the university course.

Download a copy of the International Students Withdrawal, Release & Refund Application

Return to and attach relevant documentation as indicated on the Application

We won’t allow you to transfer to another provider within the first six months of your principal course if:

  • your course progress will be significantly disadvantaged by transfer to another provider
  • you have changed your mind and wish to study another course
  • the transfer is to studies at a lower level (unless we assess that the lower level is to your academic benefit)
  • you have a debt to Chisholm
  • we believe the transfer will be detrimental to you
  • we believe that you are trying to avoid being reported to DHA for failure to meet attendance or academic progress requirements
  • you are applying for a course of study available at Chisholm
  • the request is based on the location of accommodation and/or employment.

Refund of any relevant fees will be processed according to our International Student Fees and Refunds Policy for Students.

If your request for a letter of release is denied, you have the right to appeal by writing to the General Manager, Global Engagement.

Your personal information

At Chisholm, we only collect the information that we need to provide services to you. We cannot provide personal information to third parties such as your family and friends without your permission.

We are required to provide personal information when requested or required by law to government bodies such as DHA and the police.

Changing your address

Under Australian Government student visa regulations, you must register your residential address and telephone number with Chisholm within seven days of arrival and also each time you change address or contact details.

  1. If you have moved house or changed phone number:Download or pick up a copy of Personal Details Amendment form
  2. Complete the relevant sections including your full name, Student ID and new address and phone number.
  3. Submit the form to the Student Enquiry and Enrolment team at  Reception (Building A) on your campus.