International students are permitted to work for up to 40 hours per fortnight during the study period and full-time work hours during the semester breaks. You will need to apply for a tax file number to work in Australia. Apply to the Australian Taxation Office.

Going home or on holiday

If you need to return to your home country for any reason while you are studying - or go on leave - you need to inform Chisholm. If your leave is during semester (you will miss some classes) you need to:

  1. Download and complete the Application for Leave of Absence form
  2. Attach your flight details or other evidence
  3. Take it to your program coordinator who will sign it if they approve the leave
  4. Email it to with the subject heading: Leave request (and your student ID number)

If your leave is during the semester holidays (you will not miss any classes) you need to:

  1. Download and complete the Application for Leave of Absence form
  2. Attach your flight details or other evidence
  3. Email it to with the subject heading Leave request (and your student ID number)

Shortly after you have submitted your request for leave, you will receive a letter confirming whether or not your leave of absence has been approved.

Requesting documents

While you are studying at Chisholm, the Department of Home Affairs may require you to provide evidence of your current course of study for a range of reasons and you can provide this evidence by requesting a letter from Chisholm.

Depending on the type of letter or document you may require, you may need to request the form from the International Student Recruitment and Admissions department or your teaching area.

Letters you can request through the Student Admissions Team:

  • Confirmation of Course Studied - this letter details the current course you are enrolled in and the expected end date for your course.
  • Invitation letter - this letter confirms the details of the current course you are enrolled in and includes your request to invite your family members - make sure to write their names clearly and in full so that the letter is accurate.

To request any of these letters from the Students Admissions Team:

  1. Download or pick up a Request a letter/Document form
  2. Complete all the required sections
  3. Email with subject heading: Letter request (and your student ID).

Letters you can request from the program coordinator in your study area

  • Course completion letter - this letter can be requested if you have completed your course of study and are waiting for your certificate and/or results.
  • Attendance letter - this letter will include your current percentage of attendance for your course of study.

To request a course completion letter:

Email your program coordinator and write a clear request for a letter of completion. Make sure to include your full name and student ID number. You can request the email address from your teachers or the department administrator.

Documents you can request from Client Services reception (Building A at your campus)

  • Statement of Results* you can request a statement of results at any time during or after you complete your course which will list the subjects you have completed successfully towards your qualifications.
  • Apply for your Certificate/Diploma* - when you have completed your certificate or Diploma successfully you can apply for your official certificate. The application form is available at the Customer Service reception.

*If you have outstanding fees (including tuition and materials fees or even a library fine) or any other suspensions on your account, any of these above mentioned letters will not be given to you. Please contact the International Office to discuss this matter on 9212 5040.