As an international student on a student visa, you must be covered by Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) during your studies unless an exception applies. The cost of health cover is detailed in your Letter of Offer.

Chisholm’s preferred OSHC provider is Allianz Care Australia. If you purchase OSHC through your offer letter, you will receive an Allianz Care Australia Essential OSHC policy. If you are considering purchasing your OSHC elsewhere, you should consider the information below. Alternatively, you may choose to use another Australian accredited supplier.

When you apply to Chisholm, you are able to purchase an Allianz Care Australia OSHC policy. By accepting and paying for the Allianz Care Australia OSHC policy with Chisholm, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions on the Allianz Care Australia website. You can find policy information and download the Allianz Care Australia MyHealth OSHC app at

It is your responsibility to ensure that your OSHC is always paid for the duration of your student visa. You will find the start date, end date, cost and policy type on your Letter of Offer.

You can use Allianz Care Australia MyHealth OSHC app to access your e-membership card.

Here is an example of the fee structure for Allianz Care Australia Essential OSHC premium purchase via Chisholm offer letter:

Allianz Care Essential price list (as of 15 April, 2023)

Months Single Dual Family Multi Family
 12  $738  $2,947  $4,549
 24  $1,528  $5,784  $8,938
 36  $2,294  $8,477  $13,157
 48  $3,488  $12,365  $19,190


Allianz Care Australia OSHC Policy Coverage

Doctors and specialists (out of hospital)

  1. Medical services provided by most general practitioner services.
  2. All other medical services such as pathology and radiology (including specialists)
  3. Allianz Care Australia will cover the benefit amount as listed in the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS). The benefit amount may vary depending on the type of medical service.


  1. 100  per cent the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee for medical services provided in hospital
  2. Public hospital shared ward accommodation for overnight or same-day hospital stays
  3. Private hospital accommodation (for hospitals that have a contracted rate with Australian Health Services Alliance)
  4. Surgically implanted prostheses up to the approved amount listed on the Australian Prostheses List


Emergency ambulance transport to hospital for admission and on-the-spot emergency treatment.

Prescription medicines*

  1. Up to $50 per approved prescription medicine
  2. Up to $500 each year for singles
  3. Up to $1,000 each year for families or couples.

You can only claim prescription medicines included in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) list and amount that exceeds the PBS co-payment fee. To see the full list of PBS medicines and current co-payment fee, visit the Department of Health website.

Allianz Care Australia 24 hour emergency helpline 1800 814 781

If you have just been injured in an accident, or are suffering from a medical emergency, you can call our 24-hour emergency helpline.

Allianz Care Australia can help you:

  • with medical advice and assistance 24 hours a day
  • with referrals to a doctor for medical treatment 24 hours a day
  • get access to a solicitor for legal advice
  • get access to an interpreting service
  • with passing on messages to your family or friends in the event of an emergency

If you have a life-threatening medical emergency, go to your closest public hospital emergency department or call 000 immediately for help.

How to find a doctor

In Australia the first point of contact for non-emergency health care is often a local doctor known as a General Practitioner or GP at a medical centre in your local area.

Your doctor may prescribe medicine to treat your condition, which you can purchase at a pharmacy using the prescription from your doctor. To understand why you are feeling unwell, your doctor may send you for blood tests, X-rays or ultrasounds. For serious concerns, your doctor will refer you to an expert in your specific illness. These are called specialists. A specialist will create a treatment plan with you and report back to your doctor.

GPs and specialists charge different fees depending on which one you visit and what services they provide. Similarly, what is covered by OSHC provider also varies based on who you see, which services they provide and which policy you hold. Not all medical services can be direct billed, so check with your OSHC provider for the details of your cover. Most medical clinics require you to make an appointment to see a doctor. The advantage of making an appointment is that you’ll be able to see a doctor you prefer. If you do not make an appointment you may have to wait many hours or may even be asked to leave before you get to see a doctor.

There are many suitable medical clinics near our campuses that provide general and specialist medical services. At the clinic, you’ll need to register at reception and provide your contact information and OSHC details.

Please visit Allianz Care Australia ‘Find a Doctor’ to find a doctor in your local area. Allianz Care Australia has an extensive network of medical centres and doctors that offer direct-billing services. Using our network of providers makes it easier for you to claim when you visit a doctor. All you need to do is provide your valid membership card and the doctor will bill us directly for the covered amount of your bill. Make sure you choose a doctor or medical provider that specifies they can direct bill.

Allianz Care representative on campus

An Allianz Care Australia health cover representative visits Chisholm Dandenong to help you with claims and answer any questions you may have about your health cover policy or medical related costs (subject to COVID-19 restrictions/guidelines).

Please note that Chisholm Institute receives a monetary commission for each student who selects Allianz Care Australia as their preferred OSHC provider.