As an international student on a student visa, you must be covered by Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) during your studies. The cost of health cover is detailed in your Letter of Offer.

Chisholm’s preferred supplier of this service is Allianz Care, but you may choose to use another Australian accredited supplier.

When you apply to Chisholm you are able to purchase an Allianz Care OSHC policy. By accepting and paying for the Allianz Care policy with Chisholm, you are agreeing to the terms, conditions and policies on the Allianz Care website.

You can find policy information and download the Allianz app at

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your OSHC is always paid for the duration of your student visa.

You’ll find the start date, end date, cost and policy type on your Letter of Offer.

When you accept your course, you'll receive an electronic membership card. You’ll need to show your card when you visit a doctor.

Here is an example of the fee structure for an OSHC

Global Assistance policy

Cover length single

  • 12 months:  $609
  • 24 months:  $1 260
  • 36 months:  $1 890

Using your OSHC policy

Your OSHC policy covers you when you need to visit a doctor or go to a hospital. OSHC covers 100 per cent of the government scheduled fee.

Some doctors will charge slightly more than the government scheduled fee. You’ll also be covered if you are treated in a public hospital.

OSHC provides you with access to a 24/7 emergency phone service that offers:

  • emergency medical advice and assistance
  • an interpreter where necessary
  • referrals to doctors and medical centres
  • access to a solicitor for general legal advice and referrals
  • phone assistance to replace travel documents or passports.

To get help or medical treatment from a doctor you’ll need to visit a medical clinic. There are many suitable clinics near our campuses that provide general and specialist medical services. At the clinic, you’ll need to register at reception and provide your contact information and OSHC details.

Not all medical services can be direct billed, so check with your OSHC provider for the details of your cover. Most medical clinics require you to make an appointment to see a doctor. The advantage of making an appointment is that you’ll be able to see a doctor you prefer. If you don’t make an appointment you may have to wait many hours or may even be asked to leave before you get to see a doctor.

An Allianz Global Assistance health cover representative visits Chisholm Dandenong campus once per month to help you with claims and answer any questions you may have about your health cover policy or medical‑related costs. For details on when they are attending campus, please contact the International Office on +9212 5040

24-hour International Student Assistance Line 1800 175 349

Save this number into your phone to get advice and support at night, and on weekends.

Phone this number for advice or support if you have a concern or problem:

  • If you are unwell or physically injured and don't know what to do
  • If you are worried about your safety
  • If you are feeling stressed, anxious or emotionally upset
  • In a situation that is causing you concern (but you are not sure if it is an emergency).

You can also call if you need information, such as:

  • transport information (timetables, taxi, car accident assistance)
  • health or medical information
  • accommodation information
  • banking information
  • lost property
  • course advice
  • what to do if you need to go home
  • how to apply for a letter
  • how to change you contact details with Chisholm
  • withdrawal and transfer procedures
  • orientation information
  • opening hours (campus buildings, etc)
  • staff/student issues.

When you call you can choose to remain anonymous or give details like your student number - it is your choice.

Please note that Chisholm Institute receives a monetary commission for each student who selects Allianz as their preferred OSHC provider.