Payment of fees for international students

New international students

New students are required to pay first semester tuition fees and any material fees outlined in their Letter of Offer. The payment is required as acceptance of our Letter of Offer. When we receive your payment and a Course Acceptance form, a Confirmation of Enrolment will be provided so that a student visa application can be submitted.

Payments cannot be accepted until the signed Course Acceptance form is received

If you are commencing an undergraduate degree as part of a pathway program, you may be required to also pay a deposit to our university partner.

Continuing international students

A Fees Notice will be sent to your student email address and will include the amount due and payment dates.

Standard fee due dates for continuing students are:

  • Semester 1: 15 February and 15 April
  • Semester 2: 15 July and 15 September.

General fees information for international students

  • Late fees incur an administration fee of $200
  • We won’t accept liability for any fees paid directly to an educational agent, either in Australia or in another country, in relation to an application to study at Chisholm
  • Fees are published on the international course pages at
  • Fees include the tuition fee, material fee and any other fee published
  • There are no enrolment or application charges for Chisholm courses
  • It is your responsibility to provide a current correspondence address to Chisholm
  • Fees represent the payment for the course duration as identified
  • Additional fees are required when repeating subjects.

Late payment of fees

If full payment isn’t received by the due date, one or all of the following may occur:

  • you will receive an Intent to Report letter
  • you will be liable for a late payment charge of $200
  • your enrolment may be cancelled subject to the appeals process
  • DHA will be informed of your enrolment cancellation
  • your course certificate won’t be issued, and your results will be withheld
  • outstanding fees will be followed up according to our debt collection processes.

Payment options for international students

  • Bank Cheque from an Australian bank
  • EFTPOS or credit card.
  • Direct deposit from an Australian bank account.
  • Telegraphic transfer.
  • AMEX is not accepted.
  • Personal cheques are not accepted

For direct deposit please include your Student Identification number in the reference

Following payment please email a copy of your receipt to Chisholm at If you want to pay by credit card or have any questions, contact the International Students Office on +61 3 9212 5040.

You can pay at any Chisholm Student Administration counter at:

  • Dandenong, Building A
  • Frankston, Building A
  • Berwick, Building A.

Refund eligibility table for international students

Category Time application   received by Institute Amount of refund for formal courses Documentary evidence required in addition to the refund application
Visa refusal before course commencement At any time. All payments less administration fee ($250). Original letter of Visa refusal from the Department of Home Affairs.
Visa refusal after course commencement. At any time. All tuition fees paid less tuition fees, student services amenities fees and material fees (that have been allocated) for any study period completed and in progress at the time of visa refusal. Original letter of Visa refusal from the Department of Home Affairs
Application withdrawal by the Institute on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information. At any time. All payments less administration fee ($250). Letter of application refusal.
Commencing students Four weeks or more prior to the Orientation date as stated on Offer letter All payments for upcoming semester less administration fee ($250) Evidence of compelling circumstance.
Continuing students By 15 February
(Semester 1)
Current semester plus any other future fees. Less Administration Fee ($250) Depending on circumstances the following evidence will be required.

Copy of one-way flight ticket, boarding pass, and confirmation of cancellation of Visa

Copy of offer letter

Student statement

Any other supporting evidence.
By 15 June
(Semester 2)
Current semester plus any other future fees. Less Administration Fee ($250)
By 15 April
(Semester 1)
50 per cent refund of fees for the current semester plus any other future fees paid.
By 15 September
(Semester 2)
50 per cent refund of fees for the current semester plus any other future fees paid.
Provider default At any time. Full refund of all paid tuition and non-tuition fees or transferred to alternate Chisholm course Letter from student - acceptance of alternate course or withdrawal.
Withdrawal of unit – (Higher Education only) Before census date. Refund of unit price or the allocation of funds to future units Course coordinator approval

Intervention strategy

Evidence of exceptional circumstances