How Priyanka gained financial stability doing what she loves

When Priyanka became a mother, it ignited a desire within her to explore entrepreneurship as a means to create flexibility and financial stability for her family.

Priyanka’s started her own beauty business, Pinnacle Makeover by Priyanka Prashanth, which specialises in bridal make-up application and hairdressing. She believes that enhancing their appearance on their wedding day can profoundly impact how brides feel as they embark on this important milestone. Priyanka ensures that brides not only look stunning but also feel incredibly special and comfortable, empowering them to step into their wedding day with utmost confidence and joy.

To help take her small beauty business l, Priyanka realised she needed some business training and coaching. Priyanka envisioned expanding her services to offer comprehensive bridal packages that encompassed not just makeup but also skincare consultations, bridal styling, and perhaps even personalized beauty regimens leading up to the wedding day. Ultimately, her aim was to create an atmosphere where brides felt cherished, pampered, and supported every step of the way, ensuring that their wedding day was not just beautiful but truly unforgettable.

This led her to enrol in the Micro Business Skillset course at Chisholm. She chose to study at Chisholm so she could study after-hours, in online live classes with a teacher over video. This option enabled her to balance her responsibilities as a new mother and, with her husband’s support, she could dedicate uninterrupted time to studying.

Priyanka successfully completed the course in one month.

“I really enjoyed the interactive discussions and practical assignments; they enabled me to apply concepts in real-world scenarios, enhancing my learning experience.

“The course assisted me to design and implement business plans, financial forecasts and marketing techniques for my own business,” said Priyanka.

Chisholm offers a range of business courses, from certificates in accounting and bookkeeping to diplomas and Higher Education study, including a Bachelor of Business (Accounting, CPA).

The Micro Business Skill Set and New Business Ventures Skill Set courses are currently free with government funding. If you are self-employed, planning to start a business or just have a business idea, contact us to discuss eligibility and options.