Five impressive questions to ask in a job interview

Five impressive questions to ask in a job interview

If you really want to nail your next interview, here are the questions you need to ask.


You’ve nailed your resume, aced the cover letter, set up an interview, and dressed for success. The interview panel is sure to have plenty of questions, but how can you persuade them you’re the right fit for the job? According to Andrea O’Bryan, manager of the Chisholm Skills and Job Centre, the answer lies in not just answering the questions they have for you, but also the questions you ask them.

1. Ask about the team

“Every interview panel is looking to have a good experience meeting you, and hoping you’ll be the solution to their talent issue,” says Andrea. Her first tip is to ask about the team you’ll be working with. “By doing this, you are showing that you’re already in the mindset of working with the team,” she says. “It shows enthusiasm and it shows you believe that people are important to an organisation.” The response can also offer insight into the workplace culture. “It’s a good way to understand how much respect is paid to the people in the team,” Andrea adds.

2. Ask about what you need to do

A key issue with many job descriptions is they don’t clearly communicate what the day-to-day job involves. “Sometimes, the actual role can be vastly different from the role you have applied for,” Andrea says. The interview is the perfect time to pinpoint what will be expected of you in the role. “When you’re asking ‘What is the most important deliverable in the first six months?’ it also gives you a understanding of what most of your day will be like, and of all the duties and tasks.”

3. Ask the boss

Everyone wants to know what their potential boss is really like. However, rather than directly asking about their management style, Andrea recommends asking open-ended questions like ‘how does this position I’m applying for support your role?’ “This gives you a good understanding of what your potential leader will be like. It is another window to get a feel for the culture.”

4. Ask for clarification

For many, the interview process can be daunting. If you reach a moment of uncertainty, Andrea recommends addressing this immediately. “If you don’t understand a question you’ve been asked during the interview process, don’t be afraid to say ‘could you please clarify?’” she advises. Likewise, if you feel like you’ve wandered off-track, Andrea suggests taking a direct approach.

“If you think you’re rambling, say ‘oh gosh, I think I’ve rambled a bit – is that what you’re looking for?’”

5. Ask if they need more

It’s a question best saved to last – and potentially, one that can land you the job. “Right at the end, when things are warm and personable, there’s a chance to ask ‘do you have any other questions about my skills or experience?’,” says Andrea.

This provides an opportunity for a panel to address any potential gaps in a candidate’s skills or expertise, and a chance for the candidate to answer any doubts. However, Andrea warns this strategy isn’t for everyone: “You need to answer any questions confidently.”