Education - the catalyst for a better life

This is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.The Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation is seeking your support to provide a vocational education to the more vulnerable members of our community. 

Education grant-giving is about building a stronger community and changing lives. Disengagement and dependency on government and charitable welfare can have major economic and anti-social consequences.

Education can be the catalyst for a person to shift from whole or part dependence on welfare to being a productive contributor to their community.  It can also be the circuit breaker that removes or reduces a family’s reliance on welfare across multiple generations.

Customising donations to meet your needs 

Donors can choose to donate scholarship funds by nominating funds to support a scholarship that:

  • represents a  qualification – such as “hospitality” or “accounting”
  • reflects a trade-based skill such as carpentry or automotive training 
  • supports a cultural or gender group such as women or refugees
  • assists a group of students such as youth or sufferers of mental health illness
  • is named after a loved  one – a memorial gift.

As Chisholm provides training to many thousands of students each year and offers more than 400 qualifications, the Foundation can develop donation packages to meet a broad range of needs.

Donating is easy

Education scholarships provide knowledge, skills, new career opportunities and build self-esteem.  They are simply among the best gifts a person in need can receive.

There are two ways to make a donation:

Download a Donation Form and once completed, return it as indicated,  or,  

Contact the CCEF Executive Officer to have a chat about how you can support the Foundation.