Kayenat Discovers Her Pathway

Kayenat’s desire to better serve her community has led her down a pathway from vocational education to degree.

When Kayenat Ali enrolled in the Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015) at Chisholm, her initial career aspirations were clear: "My main priority when I first started studying was to help the people in my community". This goal was meaningful to her, especially as a newly arrived refugee.

However, as she progressed through her studies and engaged in practical placements, Kayenat began to realise that there was much more to her field than she initially thought. "Since I was working in community services, the interactions that I had with my clients brought up a need within myself to gain more training, to better understand their needs in a more open and holistic way.”

This realisation fuelled her desire to pursue an Associate Degree in Psychology (CRS1401151) through Chisholm's pathway program, where she could enhance the skills she already had into more practical solutions for her clients.

Discovering the program was crucial in Kayenat's decision to further her studies. While researching and learning about pathways, she found that the set training days allowed her to (more or less) continue working full-time. "What I found extremely helpful was that the study days were set on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so it was easy for me to convince my employer to reduce my working hours while I studied".

The cost-effectiveness of pathways also appealed to her, as she found it more convenient and affordable than other institutions. "I did evaluate the cost through other institutions, and I would have ended up paying the same amount as I do now without CSP (Commonwealth Supported Places) ".

Moreover, she knew her experiences in the diploma program (which included 400 hours of practical placements with two different organisations) would provide her with valuable real-life tools to take into her degree. "Most of the units that I did in the diploma connected with the associate degree in some way or the other and prepared me for this, like the report writing, and one of the recent assessments that I did for research was easy for me to do because I had done similar things in my diploma".

Furthermore, the support and guidance she received from her teachers and the opportunities they presented to her was "one of the main reasons that helped influence my decision to pursue a degree in psychology in the first place", she said.

As for Kayenat's current job in community services, her psychology studies have proven to be extremely useful. "Through my work in social services, I can use the theoretical and practical experiences gained through both the diploma and the associate degree to provide the best outcomes for my clients".

Looking to the future, Kayenat plans to pursue her honours and become a clinical psychologist. However, she remains open to applying her skills and experiences in diverse settings, broadening her impact within the industry.

Her journey at Chisholm showcases the benefits of pathways, which provides flexible opportunities to achieve your career aspirations.

Through Chisholm's pathway program, students can embark on a fulfilling educational journey that prepares you for success in your chosen field with all the support and flexibility you need. You can enrol in a diploma or certificate, then follow a pathway to a degree, defer qualifications to work, and then return later to continue your career. It's the path you need to take to get to where you need to go.

To explore pathways for yourself, follow the link now for more information in Pathways to degrees.