Years of experience as a crisis worker makes Sandra Maudier a very valuable teacher in Chisholm’s Community and Social Services department.

SandraSandra, who worked at Women’s Health in the South East for many years, says she was approached to teach family violence subjects at Chisholm and thought “Why not”? She hasn’t looked back since and loves sharing her knowledge and experience with her students.

A Chisholm alumni herself, Sandra says she has always felt TAFE offers an inclusive education experience, suitable for diverse learners. She feels proud knowing TAFE provides opportunities for those who may have struggled in school.

Sandra says her favourite part about teaching is when she sees her students having a lightbulb moment, where they see what they can achieve. She also loves hearing about students who are succeeding in the industry after finishing their studies.

A particularly proud memory was teaching a student who really struggled during the course but never gave up. Sandra encouraged and supported the student as much as possible. “She (the student) persisted as she really wanted the qualification so she could provide for her children and eventually she could leave her abusive relationship,” Sandra recalls.

So, what’s Sandra’s advice for those who want to be TAFE teachers? She says to be passionate and never forget why you chose to teach. “Be prepared for the ups and down but always think what is best for the student. Knowledge is power, and we need to share that power with our students.”