Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation


The mission of the Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation is to help students in financial hardship receive a high quality, vocational educational qualification, at Chisholm Institute.

The Foundation

Established in 2007, the Foundation is an independent charitable trust, initiated and supported by Chisholm Institute, the largest vocational education provider in Melbourne’s south east.

The Foundation is administered by an independent Board of Trustees with members from the community, local companies and Chisholm Institute. The Board’s role is to provide good governance and support to the Foundation administration and to assist with profile and fundraising activities.

One hundred per cent of funds raised are allocated to education scholarships for students suffering financial hardship.

This is made possible through the  financial support of Chisholm Institute that takes responsibility for all administrative costs.

Foundation funding

Funds for the Foundation are derived from many sources, including  philanthropic grants, donations from private, public and community groups such as Rotary and Lions Clubs in the region, and fundraising events.

As the objective of the Foundation is to help and support students in financial hardship, funds raised are quickly reallocated to scholarships in the two main funding rounds. In round one, funding in the January to March enrolment period, more than 150 students have been supported with grants ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Trust Members

David Willersdorf (Chair) General Manager / Director, Grenda Group of Companies, Chisholm Board appointment

Community members

All community members have been appointed due to their commitment, empathy and community contacts and have extensive experience in fundraising and stakeholder engagement.

David Mann (AM)
Ian Predl (AM)
Aleks Vass (OAM)
Robert Hill (APM)

Chisholm Institute Members

Jane McLennan
Trish Wilson