This infographic communicates the foundational skills and behaviours of the Leadership Capability Framework (LCF) aligned to our values through a circular diagram with multiple segments.  This circle has an inner and outer section and each segment is colour.

The inner circle communicates Chisholm’s values with each of their icons. Collaboration is represented with two hands shaking, Accountability is three people side by side, Integrity is a person with two ticks to the right of them and Respect is a person with their hand over their heart.

The outer circle communicates each of the skills and behaviours of the LCF.

The first heading being Personal Attributes, subheading reads - Which supports effective application of six capability domains. Dot points underneath are Resilience, Flexibility and adaptability, Outcomes thinking, Working collaboratively, Promote inclusion, and Self-awareness.

The second heading is Meaningful Outcomes, subheading reads - Capabilities enabling identification and definition of meaningful outcomes.  Dot points underneath are Strategic planning, Partnering, and co-creation, Innovation and continuous improvement, Systems thinking, Policy design and development, and Future focus.

The third heading is Enabling Delivery, subheading reads - Capabilities enabling development and delivery of effective solutions.  Dot points underneath are Critical thinking and problem solving, Project delivery, Data literacy, Digital and technological literacy, Business and commercial acumen, and Political and organisational context.

The fourth heading is Authentic Relationships, subheading reads - Capabilities enabling building strong internal and external relationships. Dot points underneath are Influence and persuasion,  Interpersonal skills, Managing difficult conversations, Communicate with impact, Stakeholder engagement, and Customer focus.

The fifth heading is People Leadership, subheading reads - Capabilities enabling effective leadership of Chisholm's workforce. Dot points underneath are Managing people, Develop capability, Team management, Lead and navigate change, Knowledge management and business continuity, and Resource mobilisation.

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