Max Urwin has always loved sport.

He started playing Australian Rules Football when he was nine, then basketball from age 12.

“I love being with mates and playing in a team environment,” he says. “I’m also quite competitive, so I enjoy that aspect as well.”

At age 16, Max started coaching local football in Somerville. He knew then and there that’s what he wanted to do as a career.

“The team didn’t have a coach, so I thought I’d give it a shot to help out,” says Max. “But then I started to really find a passion helping out people who had similar interests to me. I knew I wanted to follow a path that had to do with football or sport or anything in that industry.”

Max had heard good things about Chisholm and the Chisholm Sports Academy Football Program.

The program allows aspiring athletes to reach their full sporting potential while at the same time studying to obtain a sports industry qualification.

Max enrolled in Chisholm’s dual Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management / Diploma of Sport (Development and Coaching).

Max liked the idea of combining theoretical study with practical, one-on-one training sessions on the field with a sporting professional.

“Our coach was Corey Maynard, who used to play in the NBL and AFL,” says Max. “He coached us with our basic skills and fundamentals three times a week out on the field. The rest of the time we were in the class learning about all types of things like sports psychology and business management. It was a really diverse course, with a lot to offer for all types of people.”

Max says his teachers were very supportive, and he made lasting friendships at Chisholm.

His favourite part of the course was learning real-life practical coaching skills. As part of the curriculum, students would coach each other on the field and organise activities and set drills.

“That was one of the most enjoyable parts of it because I was able to work on something that I really enjoy, which is coaching,” says Max. “It helped me a lot with being able to work out what drills and techniques to use depending on the skill, ability and age level. That was quite helpful from an educational standpoint and something I’m passionate about.”

Max did so well at Chisholm, he was nominated as Vocational Student of the Year at the Chisholm Education Awards.

After completing his qualification, he landed a role as head coach at the Hallam Senior College Sports Academy coaching girls’ AFL. He also decided to pursue other studies in fitness.

Max says the skills he learnt at Chisholm proved invaluable on the job.

“The program was just so great,” says Max. “I met so many new people who had a lot of different interests in different sports, but we all worked together really well. If you’re interested in coaching or any type of sport, the Chisholm course is 100% the one to do.”