How Abby turned her passion for fitness into a career

Growing up, Abby Williams was always involved in sports and fitness, enthusiastically taking part in everything from exercising in the gym to playing elite netball.

She dreamed of turning her passion for fitness into a career and in particular aimed to help others to achieve their fitness goals.

 “I’ve always loved sport and fitness and have always dreamt of helping individuals find the same love and passion for it,” Abby says.

Studying a Certificate III and IV in Fitness at Chisholm helped Abby to turn her dream into a reality.

“I gained valuable knowledge for personal training and group instructing at Chisholm,” Abby says. “Studying at Chisholm has helped me achieve my dream of helping other people develop a love and passion for fitness.”

As part of Chisholm’s blended, off-campus study program, Abby and her classmates were able to learn from their teachers face-to-face in a real gym. In Abby’s case it was Infinite Fitness Peninsula.

Rather than learning in a classroom, the students learn in a full-service gym, with access to the equipment, facilities and resources they can expect in their future workplaces, improving their employability.

It was the perfect arrangement for Abby and, as a bonus, she even landed a job at Infinite Fitness and now works there as a Personal Trainer.

Abby says her teachers at Chisholm were a great support and have shared valuable knowledge which helps her in her job. “My teachers at Chisholm have been amazing, they have given up a lot of their time to help me be the best I can be.”

Abby says she enjoys her job and feels confident she has made the right career choice. The required early mornings and high energy levels have been challenging, but Abby enjoys every moment. “Helping clients to reach their goals is extremely rewarding,” she says. “Seeing their faces light up when they step into the gym and the connections you make with the clients are the things I love the most about this industry.”

Today, Abby continues to learn, grow, and thrive. She has been involved in creating netball programs and runs her workplace’s Junior Development Program. She is now studying a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education at Deakin University.

Abby encourages others who also have a passion for fitness and helping others to study at Chisholm. “Make sure you ask lots of questions because your teachers are there to help you be the best you can be,” she says. “Work hard in everything you do, and rewards will come your way!”