Muhammad Mehdi was offered a job as a design engineer right after he completed his study. Here’s how he did it.

One of the great things about doing work placement is that it often leads to a job offer.

That was the case for Muhammad Mehdi.

In fact, his work placement provider was so impressed with him, they created a new position so that he would stay on with the company.

Looking back at Muhammad’s time with Chisholm, it’s little wonder he was so highly sought after in the workplace.

Not only did he make the move from Pakistan to Australia – a big achievement in itself – Muhammad achieved an overall academic average of high distinctions.

In addition to receiving a scholarship, Muhammad was also nominated for Higher Education Student of the Year and won International Student of the Year at the 2022 Chisholm Education Awards.

“Coming from a totally different background and using your second language was a big achievement for me,” says Muhammad. “Then you have to learn how things run here. Getting into Chisholm and doing all the subjects in the first go was also a great achievement.”

Growing up in Pakistan, being an engineer was a lifelong dream for Muhammad.

“I’m the first engineer in my family,” he says. “Most of my family is in business. I was more into critical thinking and problem-solving, that’s why I chose the engineering pathway.”

After doing some online research and consulting a few friends who had studied with Chisholm, he decided it was the right fit for him.

Muhammad enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering Technology (mechanical and manufacturing).

He really enjoyed the balance of practical hands-on learning with theoretical study.

“I made quite a few friends because when you study together it’s easy to make friends,” says Muhammad. “I loved that there weren’t just people from one country, there were students from all over, especially from Asia. With so many people coming from different areas, you learn about their languages, their culture and their countries.”

Towards the end of his study, Muhammad started a placement with REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions in Dandenong South.

His work involved designing different parts for manufacture or assembly using CAD software and SolidWorks, a solid modelling computer-aided design and engineering application.

When Muhammad’s placement was due to finish, his employer refused to let him go.

“My placement was crucial in getting to know all the managers and co-workers,” says Muhammad. “When they offered me a job, it was an easy decision, as I knew the people, I knew the job and how things worked.”

Muhammad plans to continue gaining exposure in the engineering field.

He has some exciting things in the pipeline, including working on million dollar-plus projects.

Muhammad’s advice to others who are considering making the big move to Australia to study with Chisholm is to go for it.

“The teachers are great and the staff are very friendly,” he says. “They will help you out and give you practical experience. Most importantly, they will put you through placement and if you’re lucky like me, you can get a job straight away.”