If you are an asylum seeker or a trafficked person, you may be able to receive financial support to study a vocational course of your choice here at Chisholm TAFE.

Changes to funding now allow asylum seekers and trafficked persons to access government subsidies from the Victorian Government without having to meet citizenship/residency requirements to study in Victoria

Under the Asylum Seeker VET program, the Victorian Government provides a limited number of exemptions from the usual criteria for undertaking government-subsidised Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) courses.

What is VTG?

Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) funding is support that may be provided by the government to assist with the costs of your study. If you are eligible, the government will contribute to the cost of your training, which reduces the amount will need to pay.

To access the VTG funding support you must be:

  • confirmed as a an "asylum seeker" by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) or
  • confirmed as a "victim of human trafficking" by the Australian Red Cross (ARC).

Asylum seekers and trafficked persons who are referred to a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) - such as Chisholm TAFE - for enrolment in a VTG course on or after 1 July 2016, could now be eligible for a concession on tuition fees for government-subsidised training in courses up to Certificate IV, and could be eligible for government-subsidised training at Diploma and Advanced Diploma level.

Please note - Asylum seekers with temporary residency referred by the ASRC or trafficked persons referred by the ARC to Chisholm for enrolment must meet all the eligibility requirements of the VTG (including upskilling if relevant) other than the citizenship/residency requirements.

If your referral for VTG training was issued before 1 July 2016, please contact Chisholm to discuss whether you're eligible.

How to apply

Asylum seekers

If you are an asylum seeker, ASRC will provide you with the completed forms confirming you are eligible.

Bring this forms to Chisholm and we will confirm your enrolment details with ASRC by completing an Acknowledgement of Enrolment form.

Contact 1300 517 459 for an appointment to discuss your career and study.

Trafficked persons

If you are a trafficked person, the ARC will provide you with the completed forms that confirm you are eligible for enrolment.

Bring these forms to Chisholm. Contact 1300 517 459 for an appointment to discuss your career and study.