If you’re an apprentice, the Apprenticeship Support Program is available to support you with independent, non-biased and non-judgemental advice relating to all areas of your Apprenticeship.

The Apprenticeship Support Program is a Victorian Government funded initiative to give you advice on workplace, training or personal issues that could be putting you at risk of not completing your apprenticeship.

They are also able to connect you with support services such as Centrelink, the FairWork Ombudsman and Worksafe, and connect you with contacts for literacy and numeracy support, mental health, homelessness and drug/alcohol/gambling counselling.

three male tradie students walking together within the campus

Need more information?

If you need support during your apprenticeship, or would like more information about this service or to find your ASO, contact the ASO Hotline on 1300 311 820 or email apprenticeship.support@djsir.vic.gov.au

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