If you are an international student needing support, student services can help.

We understand that the journey of an international student can be exciting and challenging at the same time. We are here to support you through that, making sure that your experience is enriching and helping you build a better future. Our team is dedicated in helping you adapt, thrive, and succeed in your new environment. We can help students to thrive rather than just survive.

Come connect with us, so we can listen, support, and guide you in reaching your goals.

An International Student Success and Wellbeing Officer can help with issues like:

  • Mental Health Concerns
  • Dealing with feeling homesick and experiencing social isolation
  • Adjusting to a new culture
  • Understanding cultural differences
  • Study Skills and Time Management
  • Accommodation Information
  • Financial Wellbeing and Budgeting
  • Special Consideration Applications
  • Connecting you to external International Student Networks
  • Connecting you to our other Student Support Services such as Personal Counselling, Careers, Disability Support, and Student Life.

All student services are free and confidential.

Want to make an appointment?

To make an appointment, contact Student Support on 1300 244 746 (option 4) or email studentservices@chisholm.edu.au

Other contacts:

If you have welfare questions, please contact international.welfare@chisholm.edu.au

For future international students' application, acceptance, and deferment, please contact the admissions team on international.admissions@chisholm.edu.au