Skills recognition

Your existing skills, knowledge and experience can help you get a recognised qualification, through an assessment process called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). You could be granted a full or part qualification, saving you valuable time and money, while enhancing your career prospects.

The process could suit you if you have:

  • paid or unpaid work experience
  • prior formal training
  • skills and knowledge gained on the job
  • community work experience
  • short course and work-based learning
  • trade skills
  • other life experience.

What you can expect from the process?

  • Highly qualified assessors with current industry experience
  • Support in your learning journey
  • Assessment times arranged to suit you and your assessor
  • Flexible gap training such as online, face-to-face or as a blended approach
  • Timely feedback on your application.


What evidence might you need to supply?

Your Chisholm RPL assessor will discuss with you the most appropriate evidence you can provide to support your application, this may include:

  • work appraisals
  • job descriptions
  • photos or actual work samples
  • relevant formal qualifications
  • resume and references
  • in-house training certificates
  • eye witness testimonies
  • observation at your workplace or a simulated workplace
  • informal RPL interviews.

The RPL process

Step 1.

Book an appointment with the RPL assessor within the department you are seeking RPL.

Step 2.

Meet with the assessor to discuss what process and evidence will best support your application.

Step 3.

Gather evidence to support your application. Your RPL assessor will support you via email or phone as required.

Step 4.

Meet again with your RPL assessor they can work through your evidence with you.

Step 5.

Your assessor will make a decision on your application and will advise you of the outcome.


Successful application.

Or perhaps further evidence required, or gap training. 


Costs are significantly reduced if you apply for RPL before you start your course!

Applications for RPL which are processed up front, prior to commencement of a course, are eligible for a tuition discount.

For government-subsidised or full fee-paying students, the units you are applying for RPL in will be charged at 50 per cent of the normal tuition rate. Please note there is no charge for the assessment of RPL for higher education courses.

If further RPL is processed/applied for after the commencement of class-based units, normal tuition fee will apply.

RPL units do not incur the Student Services and Amenities Fee or the Ancillary Fee.