What is VET in schools?

What is VET in schools?

Are you a secondary school student who enjoys a combination of practical hands on and theory learning to gain real-world skills? Chisholm’s VET delivered to secondary students (VETDSS) has a variety of options for you to explore.


Knowing what you want to do as a career when you’re still in high school can be hard.

There are so many options and all the information can be overwhelming.

One popular avenue many young people go down is to do a VET qualification while still at school. Your school VET Coordinator and Career Counsellors can assist you with finding the VET course that is suitable for you and your future employment pathways.

This qualification can support your pathway into an apprenticeship, a job or further study at TAFE or university.

If you enjoy practical learning and the idea of doing a vocation like a trade, early childhood education, or hair, beauty and make-up appeals to you, then tune in.

What is VETDSS?

VET delivered to secondary schools (VETDSS) allows you to combine your year 11 and 12 studies with vocational education and training (VET). Year 10 VETDSS programs are also available and can offer a 3-year pathway to Year 12.

So, how does it work?

Say you’re interested in a job in community services. You may get started with a Certificate II in Community Services while still at school.

Or maybe you’re a green thumb who loves the idea of working with plants. You might consider doing a Certificate II in Horticulture.

In terms of trades, VETDSS courses often fall under the banner of a pre-apprenticeship. There are loads of benefits of completing a pre-apprenticeship.

If, for example, you’re interested in becoming a plumber, you could start out with a Certificate II in Plumbing pre-apprenticeship, which introduces you to the basic theory and practice of plumbing. This is a great starting point to launch into a full plumbing apprenticeship.

Chisholm offers a range of certificate II and certificate III VETDSS courses. Check out the current list on the VETDSS page.

Benefits of VETDSS

  • Compliment your Secondary school curriculum with a VET subject.
  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification (or gain credit towards one) in an industry that interests you.
  • Explore several VET options whilst a secondary school student to support a chosen pathway as a school leaver.
  • Improve your employability (for example, if you’re looking to go on to an apprenticeship, a pre-apprenticeship can be favourable).
  • Fast-track your enrolment to your next course the following year.

What if you’re doing VCE or VCE VM?

You can add VET courses to your VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) and VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM) studies.

With the VCE-VM Choices program, you can choose an area of interest, ranging from carpentry, electrical or plumbing in the construction trades, to nursing and allied healthcare, or sport and recreation, early childhood education or business and IT and complete a VET certificate while completing your Senior Secondary Certificate.

The great thing is you’ll gain industry training in your chosen vocational area, while also completing core VCE-VM subjects to build your numeracy, literacy, personal development and work-related skills.

What is the Multi Trade Pathway Program?

Not 100% sure which VETDSS course is for you?

The Multi Trade Pathway Programs –are for students in years 10 to 12 wanting to try a selected group of units from an industry or mixture of industries to explore the stream of each industry to give you a taste of either a new trade or  new prospective employment interest.  

By trying out a few different things, you can decide what’s right for you and where you want to go.

You can then pathway into a VETDSS course the following year of choice to gather further skills and knowledge in that industry field. . Best of all, you

For the Better?

For more information, visit the VETDSS page or come along to one of Chisholm’s information sessions and open days.