Being a victim-survivor of intimate partner abuse completely changed Geraldine’s life trajectory.

GeraldineOnce a happy, carefree and successful young woman, but by the time she escaped, Geraldine was physically bruised, emotionally broken, and psychologically destroyed. 

In 2020 Geraldine decided that she wanted to understand Family Violence beyond the lens of her own experience. On searching for an appropriate course, she discovered Chisholm and enrolled into the Graduate Certificate in Family Violence.

She has found that gaining a qualification and an understanding of family violence has assisted her being able to contribute to the sector as a capable professional. Being able to bring her lived experience alongside an academic knowledge has been very invaluable.

Geraldine absolutely loved classes and described the lecturers as “absolutely incredible, very approachable and accessible to all students and delivered the content in an interesting way”.   

Geraldine was previously a client of Safe Steps, and later became involved in their advocacy program.  A familiar face to many after sharing her experience of family violence on ABC's talk show ‘Q&A’ in March 2020 and ‘You Can’t Ask That’ in 2019. She was appointed to the role of deputy chairperson of the Victim Survivor Advisory Council in May 2020. 

Geraldine found the course really ignited a lifelong curiosity in her and plans to do further academic studies.

“I feel accomplished after completing the course.  My history of abuse had made me believe I was unintelligent but completing this course has helped me regain my confidence and prove to myself that I am smart and capable of success.”

Geraldine is dedicated to helping create better outcomes for victim survivors, including in areas like victim support, technology-based abuse, and sexual violence.