Taking 12months off from studying his VCE posed no challenge to Jardin who achieved a fantastic ATAR result of 92.95 in 2023.

As a mature aged VCE student, Jardin enrolled at Chisholm in 2023 and quickly discovered the supportive and flexible learning environment that VCE at Chisholm offers.  After completing year 11 at a mainstream school, he was unsure of his next steps. He decided to work for a year, which led him to reconsider further studies a university.

Jardin was 19 and decided he wanted a more flexible, supportive, and mature learning environment returning to complete his VCE. With his parents' support, he decided Chisholm was a great fit for him and living 5 minutes away from the Frankston campus was also a bonus.

Unlike mainstream schooling, he found the later start times and being on campus 3 days a week, really suited him, as he could also work part time while studying.  Being able to complete assignments and tasks before afternoon classes started, was also an advantage.

Jardin also received invaluable support from Chisholm teaching staff and careers councillors assisted him with his career choices. Jardin says, “I felt looked after, everyone was understanding and wanted to help me with my studies”.

“If you’re looking to study with like-minded people, studying VCE at TAFE is great. If unsure, consider where you want to go and if high school isn’t right, TAFE will be the right choice” says Jardin.

Jardin was accepted at the University of Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Arts, humanities, and politics.  He is also considering the Victorian Government graduate program.