Remedial Massage - Kathleen Strachan

Course: Diploma of Remedial Massage

Kathleen Strachan is a returning student to Chisholm, having used her initial diploma as a way to get into a teaching degree.

"I got my diploma, and used that as a pathway to a teaching degree.

"While I like teaching, I’ve always wanted a career in massage. I feel like I can really help people."

When Chisholm offered the course she was looking for, she jumped at the chance to come back and sign up.

"I really like the way the teachers at Chisholm approach the subject. It’s very hands on.

While I’ve learned a lot about anatomy, things like where muscles attach and how they move, and the actual clinics are a great experience."

The student clinic at Chisholm’s Frankston campus is where Kathleen and other students can get in the practice of working with real clients, while teaching staff are nearby to help.

"There are already a few regulars, people that come in for help with general soreness, injuries or they just like a bit of relaxation. I love it when I can help them, and make them feel a bit better.

"I also work with a local football team as a massage therapist. I do rubs, massage, and general muscle recovery. It’s great working with them, even though I have made a few cry."

Once she completes her studies, Kathleen wants to open her own business, catering to people in her local area who need remedial massage.

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