Training and volunteering with Chisholm led to Bianca becoming employed as a trainer 

Bianca Santos started out at university and soon realised it wasn’t for her, “I did my year at Uni and then realised that this is not the right thing for me to invest in”.

Bianca ended up landing a job as a trainer with Chisholm after a friend convinced her to attend Chisholm's Tech Games Fest event as a volunteer.

After gaining her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Certificate IV in Information Digital Media Technologies, Bianca began teaching games development to VETiS students while studying.

“Now that I’ve been teaching I’ve seen a much bigger benefit in studying at TAFE, especially for those people that can’t necessarily sit through a two-hour lecture (at university). The difference is (at TAFE) you’re doing”. 

Bianca's favourite thing about teaching at TAFE is seeing the different dynamics in the classroom.

Her positive philosophy for study and life is that there’s nothing wrong with failing because genuinely you gain experience from different things. “They’re not failures, they’re experiences”. Find out more about Bianca’s story in the video below…    


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