Moving to Australia was his childhood dream and for Ahmad it was Chisholm that provided the gateway

Working for an internet provider in Lebanon, Ahmad had a working knowledge of networking and computer systems but he wanted to learn more and be a professional. He also wanted to live in a country that provided an environment of both safety and progress.

"I was disappointed in the lawless nature of my country and the constant feeling of danger. After almost losing my life in a mugging incident, I became determined to find my way out of Lebanon and into Australia because in my head that was where I wanted to live. I loved Australia because it seemed so big with so many places to explore.

"I chose Chisholm because it was a reputable institution and I felt it was worth investing in my education there. My arrival in Australia was delayed but I was given the opportunity catch up and I was made to feel very welcome by the staff, teachers and students."

Ahmad is confident that the Certificate IV in Computer Systems he is studying will give him a pathway into further university studies and he will be able to realise his vision of permanently living and working in Australia.

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