Conservation and Land Management - Nicholas Swinton

Nicholas’s passion for the environment and protecting endangered animals led him to a career in conservation

Based in Zimbabwe while in the army, Nicholas was recruited to train anti-poaching forces to track down poachers. This effort took his love of the environment to another level by showing him how much he could do to protect it.

Back in Australia he decided to formally study the subject of his passion and when he searched online he found exactly what he was looking for at Chisholm.

"I thought I knew a lot about the environment but when I started studying for my Certificate IV in Conservation & Land Management at Chisholm I found out just how much more there was to learn.

"Suddenly I was learning the science of it all and I loved it. The learning environment at Chisholm was genuinely supportive and I was surrounded by a group of people who were equally passionate about the same things I was. This made me feel more welcome in a classroom.

"I’m really proud of myself for committing to study and completing my course successfully. There is more meaning to my volunteer work now and I actually know what I’m talking about when I’m in the field. I’m also closer to my dream of going back to Africa to protect endangered animals like the African black rhino."

Nicholas continues to volunteer his services for environmental projects while he prepares for a long-term career in conservation.

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