From cutting her parents hair as an eight year old, through to creating her own hair and fashion blogs, Sarah Simpson is passionate about the hair and beauty industry

"I’ve always loved fashion. The way styles can change, shift and come back. You can get inspired by things and combine them to create whole new look.

"That’s why I love hairdressing, it’s all about fashion and style, and gives people confidence. "

Sarah started her hairdressing apprenticeship in a local salon after moving back to Melbourne from Brisbane.

"I moved to Brisbane straight out of high school, but I came back to be with family. Being a couple of years older has really helped though. It did take a little while to get back into studying again, but with the self-paced learning that we do, it comes very naturally."

Self-paced learning is an approach that gives students structure and guidance, but lets them practice and hone their skills at their own speed. It has proven to be very successful with many students in the hairdressing and beauty courses area.

"The teachers are really great. If I have a question, or need help, they’re always willing to show me how to do something – even if it’s after class, they’re happy to hang around. All the students help each other too. I’ve made some great friends, and we all help each other learn and get better."

With the skills she’s gained, Sarah hopes to one day have her own salon, as well as make a name for herself as a hair, style and fashion blogger on social media.

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