A General Education qualification paved the way for Amanda Cormick to reinvent herself through further study

Having dropped out of school before completing Year 12, Amanda's life was all about her children. As a single mother of four,  she understood she needed to rebuild her life - but didn't know how. Guided by Centrelink, she came to Chisholm feeling apprehensive and prepared to give up if it got too stressful. Suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, she worried about being in a classroom and interacting with other adults.

"For so long I had only known my children and their world that I had forgotten how to talk to adults and I hated high school. So coming back into a learning environment was terrifying for me. I was used to teachers putting me down, and telling me I couldn’t accomplish anything.

"But when I came to Chisholm, I experienced the warmest and most understanding teachers who took the time to find out about me, my strengths, weaknesses and my fears. They were willing to work with me at my pace and gave me all the support I needed. After I finished my Certificate III in General Adult Education, I wanted to keep studying because I could see the difference it was making in my life. My children were proud of me and my 14-year-old daughter was my loudest cheerleader throughout."

Equipped with a Certificate III in General Education for Adults, Amanda is now enrolled in the Diploma of Community Services with a vision to offer help and guidance to young people in situations similar to her past.

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