Work Health and Safety - Rodney Renzella

Personal experience with compromised work place safety leads Rodney towards an alternate career

Having worked in the automotive industry for a few decades, Rodney Renzella still remembers his mum's advice about taking care of himself because nobody else would. Throughout his career he experienced this first hand at work places that did not give due importance to the safety and health of their employees. But it wasn't until he started suffering from work-related health issues that he felt the need for a career change. "I wanted to explore my options and an area that I had become very interested in was occupational health and safety. I attended a career expo to find a suitable course. I was wary of private institutions offering all kinds of courses, but I was happy to choose Chisholm because it was a name I had known and trusted. "The teachers at Chisholm were well qualified and some were from the OHS inspection industry itself. They were knowledgeable, supportive and gave us a lot of confidence. I had never been a good student even back in high school and to come back into a classroom was difficult at first, but the environment was so positive and focused, I found myself committing to the course like I never thought possible." Rodney has completed his Diploma of Work Health and Safety and plans to study for his Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety and also the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to broaden his career options. He will be transitioning to a career in workplace health and safety this year.

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