The desire to help people and change lives is not just about a career choice for Bianca, it’s simply how she was raised

Travel enthusiast and animal lover Bianca Dyer credits the compassion shown by her parents to people in need as the inspiration that made community service a part of her life from a young age. Having volunteered for several community service and animal welfare projects in and out of Australia, a career in community services was an easy choice to make.

During her teen years, Bianca watched friends and schoolmates lose themselves to drug and alcohol abuse in an effort to fit in but with the strong influence of her father, she stayed out of trouble and always wondered how she could help others who didn’t enjoy the same support. Her personal experience with people having drug and alcohol problems motivated her further to choose community services as a path to really make a difference and change lives.

"I enrolled at Chisholm for my Diploma of Community Services but I was nervous because I had been out of school for over 10 years and getting back into a study routine was daunting.

" But after starting my course at Chisholm, I found the coursework to be so interesting and the teachers extremely helpful. Soon, I was on a roll!

"Moving on to my work placement, I found real-life situations to be drastically different to classroom learnings but Chisholm had prepared me so well, I felt equipped to handle anything. The role playing activities in class especially helped."

Bianca was nominated for Most Outstanding Student of the Year 2015 and has just completed her Diploma of Community Services.

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