For shopfitter Jim Coghlan, it's their attitude that matters most when he hires an apprentice.

Jim prides himself on knowing what it takes to run a workshop, and he has been doing just that at Whytehall, Melbourne, for a number of years. Whytehall is a shopfitting and construction company with high net worth clients such as Telstra, Mothercare, Priceline and Reece.

The company employs a team of highly skilled shopfitters including Master Builders Association award-winning apprentice Danielle Shedden, a former student of Chisholm.

"When hiring an apprentice, we look for superior shopfitting skills, a good work ethic and most importantly a good attitude," says Jim. He also speaks of how apprentices can benefit by working with diverse materials and on exciting projects.

"We have automated some of the more difficult tasks of shopfitting, such as lifting sheets, and are proud to incorporate technology into our processes where possible. This in turn provides excellent exposure for our apprentices."

Whytehall has a long-standing relationship with Chisholm TAFE which has proven useful for Jim when hiring apprentices via Chisholm’s job vacancies website MyJobs.

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