Constantly working on her own vehicle, Emma Harwood was keen to secure an apprenticeship so she could make a living working on cars

But it was hard to get an apprenticeship without a qualification, so Emma signed up for the Certificate II in Automotive Service Technology at Chisholm and continued to look for work opportunities.

She started the course and signed up with Chisholm’s job vacancy website MyJobs, which is open to students and local employers.

“As soon as I signed up with MyJobs, I landed an apprenticeship at NGP Melbourne. My teachers at Chisholm and the staff of MyJobs were brilliant in getting me a placement. Now, instead of looking for work, I’m working for one of the largest dealerships in the country. It’s exciting to work on high end cars like Mercedes Benz.

Emma is confident in her day-to-day work, and attributes her familiarity in the workshop to the practical experience provided at the Chisholm automotive facility.

"When I started working, I already knew most of what an apprentice needed to know. I could identify tools and their uses which is an area most apprentices have trouble with, but I was well prepared to work and didn’t need any hand holding.”

Emma continues to further her education in the industry with her latest course Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, which she studies while working at NGP.

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