Melbourne artist and former Chisholm student Robyn Rich is building her career through exhibitions, commissions and competitions.

Robyn completed a Diploma of Visual Art in 2012 at Chisholm before moving on to complete an Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Design in 2013 and a Graduate Certificate of Public Art.

Since completing these courses at Chisholm, Robyn’s art has featured in both group and solo exhibitions and she’s seen her profile grow in the local arts scene.

"I had some health issues before I started at Chisholm. I wouldn’t leave the house often because of that. I got to a point where I just had to do something, so I began looking at art classes as a way to break out of that.

"I’ve always enjoyed drawing, and worked doing colour design in the textile industry, but I wanted to learn other forms of art, other ways to express myself."

Robyn dreamed of being an artist since she was a child, but had thought it was out of reach. She had used her art to express herself, but her studies helped her develop the skills and confidence to put more of her personal expression into her art.

"I had never painted with oils before starting with Chisholm, but now it’s my favourite medium. I was expecting to be shown how to do the practical skills, but I was grateful that instead, they took us on our own journey to discover our own style."

In 2013, Robyn was chosen as a finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Arts Awards and in 2015 was awarded the Chisholm Vocational Student of the Year award in Interactive Media and Arts. 

"The teachers at Chisholm were amazing, and very supportive. They also have a good reputation in the art world, so when I would approach a gallery, the people there would know that I’d been taught well."

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