VCE Vocational Major at Chisholm

From 2023, the VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM) will replace VCAL. Our aim is to offer as much flexibility as possible to suit your individual needs, abilities and interests.

What to expect? And benefits

The VCE Vocational Major is a two-year applied learning program within the VCE. You’ll develop academic and work-related skills, knowledge, and confidence.

VET (Vocational Education and Training) is an essential part of VCE VM. This is where you get to explore work and job interests by studying a nationally accredited VET qualification within your VCE-VM program. As experts in vocational education, you’ll have access to a greater range of industry focused courses, qualified experienced teachers, relevant industry connections, job placements and higher education pathways.

Who is the VCE VM program suited to?

The VCE Vocational Major is suited for students that are interested in developing their life skills in practical settings such as workplaces. You’ll have more education choices, applied learning opportunities and relevant industry education that will help to prepare you for the next important stage of your life.

Students who enrol in the VCE Vocational Major are more likely to:

  • Complete a nationally recognised secondary high school certificate
  • Undertake further training at TAFE
  • Complete an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Work when they finish school
  • Develop confidence in the workplace
  • Gain maturity before they take future steps.

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VCE VM programs and units

The units and modules selected in each Curriculum Strand could comprise units for VCE, VET and Further Education and VM units accredited by VCAA (Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority). You can only take the new studies of Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills and Personal Development Skills if you are enrolled in the VCE Vocational Major.

Knowledge gained by doing VM – Literacy and Numeracy


This unit is designed to develop your knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to reading, writing and oral communication in areas of family, employment, further learning and community, and to provide pathways to further study and work.


This unit is designed to develop your knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to the practical application of numeracy in the contexts of home, work and the community.

Skills gained by doing VM – Work related skills & Personal development

Work related skills

This unit is designed to develop your knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to employability skills, career investigation, planning for employment, occupational health and safety and working in teams. You can also receive credit for on-the-job learning.

Personal development skills

This unit is designed to develop your skills, knowledge and attitudes that lead towards self-awareness, improved health and wellbeing, commitment to, and achievement of personal goals, as well as social and community awareness. You’ll participate in activities to help you develop self-confidence, teamwork and other skills important for life, employment and active citizenship.


As part of the VCE Vocational Major program, you are required to participate in industry skills, through the VET program. This is designed to develop your knowledge and skills in a vocational (work) context, assisting you to make informed choices in further learning and/or employment. It provides vocational experiences relevant to student interest and abilities.

We offer a variety of VET programs including (but not limited to):

  • VCE VM Construction Trades: Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Bricklaying
  • VCE VM Health & Community Care: Health Assistant, Nursing, Aged Care, Community Services
  • VCE VM Sport: Sport & Recreation, Fitness, Sports Management
  • VCE VM Choices: Any other Chisholm VET delivered to secondary student’s pathway course

Commitment to the program

As a VCE Vocational Major student, you’ll need to be committed to your individual program. Teachers, students, parents, VET Departments and workplaces work together for the program to be successful.

You’ll need to turn up to every class, complete your assessments and participate in all activities to ensure you successfully complete the VCE Vocational Major certificate. This includes participating in group activities, excursions, and day-to-day classes.

To get your VCE Vocational Major, you must successfully finish at least 16 units, including:

  • 3 VCE Vocational Major Literacy units (including a Unit 3–4 sequence)
  • 2 VCE Vocational Major Numeracy units
  • 2 VCE Vocational Major Work-Related Skills units
  • 2 VCE Vocational Major Personal Development Skills units, and
  • 2 VET credits at Certificate II level or above (180 nominal hours)

You must also complete at least 3 other unit 3–4 sequences. This means 3 other full year studies at a year 12 level. You can do other VCE studies or VET.

How are students assessed?

Your teachers assess your progress through a range of activities. You won’t receive a study score for the VCE Vocational Major subjects, which means these subjects won’t count towards an ATAR. This is because there are no external assessments, apart from the General Achievement Test and in some scored VCE VET programs.

If you wish to receive a study score, you can choose from the range of VCE studies and scored VCE VET programs containing both internal and external assessment components.

Achieving your Vocational Major certificate

Most students will finish their VCE Vocational Major over 2 years. Once you’ve completed your course, you’ll receive a Victorian Certificate of Education with the additional words ‘Vocational Major’.

Need more information?

The VCE Vocational Major team at Senior Secondary and Pathways Program are happy to discuss any further queries you may have regarding our VCE VM courses or enrolment process.

We also offer the Young Parents Program, a community partnership for students to complete their VCE VM studies with their child in the classroom. Find out more about the Young Parents Program.


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