Our Student Support and Engagement team offer a wide range of workshops throughout the year to enhance your student experience and equip you with the skills to support you in your current studies and beyond!

With particular focus on developing your ‘life skills’, getting you career-ready, and giving you academic support, our workshops are engaging, student focused and even better, free!

To register or find out more, contact us at student.experience@chisholm.edu.au or on 1300 244 746 (option 4). Keep an eye on the myChisholm's Student Support and Engagement site for dates and locations.

Career workshops

Benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows you to show off your employment history, commercial accomplishments and certifications, view available jobs, network and connect with potential, and make important industry connections.

This workshop will give you tips on how to create a great LinkedIn profile and appeal to potential employers, and how to use this platform to the fullest!

Industry awareness: ‘Where to now?’

Keeping up to date is crucial when looking for a job.

This workshop will provide you with an overview of the Australian labour market and employment trends and stay ahead of the game. You will also find out about the hidden job market and how to find the jobs that aren’t actually advertised. Our qualified careers counsellors will also be there to talk you through pathway options for your study or industry area.

Job seeking strategies

With the amount of work and time involved, looking for a job can feel like a job in itself!

This workshop will provide you with strategies on how to approach your job search and give you helpful tips and tricks to secure paid or unpaid (volunteer) employment.

Making a successful transition to employment

Making the leap from study to work can be daunting, and heading into the unknown can create feelings of anxiety, but being prepared helps!

This workshop will give you information and tips on what to expect as you head in to the world of work, including employer expectations, how to communicate professionally, understanding superannuation and tax, and much more.

Finance workshops

How to effectively budget your money

Studying is an exciting experience, but sometimes the stress of trying to manage everything else going on in your life can make it a bit of a struggle. This workshop will give you tips on how to build your savings, manage your expenses and stretch your dollar. In this session you will also find out how to access more comprehensive support and link to external resources.

Disability support workshops

Disability Information and Support

If you have a disability, or a mental health or medical condition, or are an ally of these students, this workshop will teach you how you can disclose, access support and implement reasonable adjustments at Chisholm. The workshop also includes fun activities everyone can get involved in.

Koorie support workshops

Koorie Information and Support

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student, or an ally of these students, this workshop will cover how to access support at Chisholm and provide information on local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services. There will also be a cultural immersion opportunity where you can experience aspects of the oldest living culture in the world.

Study help workshops

Studiosity Showcases

Studiosity provides gives you access to free, online, after-hours study support. This session will show you how to access the two support options available: Connect Live connects you with an expert tutor for help with your study questions, and 24/7 Writing Feedback allows you to send in a draft essay and receive feedback in 24 hours.

This workshop will take you through a live demo on using these services and give you opportunity to ask questions.

Self-care workshops

Resilience and Self-care

Sometimes studying can be a bit of a balancing act as you try to keep on track while juggling everything else going on in your life. This workshop will introduce you to our personal counsellors and to the practice of mindfulness.

Studies show that people who practice mindfulness regularly over time:

  • Experience less stress, anxiety, and worry
  • Sleep better
  • Feel more self-acceptance and self-love
  • Reduce reactivity and increase emotional intelligence
  • Experience more joy.

This workshop will guide you through a range of practical exercises, tips and resources to help you throughout your study journey.